Virchows Archiv vol 435(5) 1999;541

The 10th Ljudevit Jurak International Symposium on Comparative Pathology, Zagreb, Croatia, 4-5 June 1999

The 10th Ljudevit Jurak International Symposium on Comparative Pathology, held in Hotel Sheraton Zagreb, 4-5 June 1999, under the auspices of the European Society of Pathology and Academy of Medical Sciences of Croatia, was a good opportunity for exchanging views and comparing research and ideas between human and veterinary medicine. The Symposium is traditionally dedicated to Professor Ljudevit Jurak, M.D., Ph.D., who established the first Department of Human Pathoanatomy in Croatia at the Sestre Milosrdnice University Hospital in Zagreb in 1913 and the Department of Pathology at the Veterinary Faculty in Zagreb in 1920,

After the opening ceremony, the Ljudevit Jurak Award ceremony for the most important contribution to the advancement of comparative pathology was held. The awards, sponsored by Privredna Banka, were presented by Professor Mladen Stulhofer, President of the Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences, to Professors Furio Silvestri, Department of Pathology, University of Trieste, Italy, and Leon Senk, Department of General Pathology and Pathological Morphology, Veterinary Faculty, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The main topic of the Symposium was Neuropathology, mainly dealing with transmissible spongiform encephalopathies. Memorial lectures were presented by Marion M. Simmons from Addlestone, UK, and S. Brandner from Zürich, Switzerland. Other invited speakers were G. Mikuz and Helene G. Wiener, Austria, M. Castagnaro, Italy, M. Reinacher, Germany, J.C. Gomez-Vilamandos, Spain, and M. Judas and S. Seiwerth, speakers from Croatia. Free papers, oral presentations or posters were presented. The authors from ltaly, Slovenia and Croatia presented recent data on the diagnosis, protocols and pathohistologic and immunohistochemical findings in different neuropathologic diseases. Free papers on different subjects, including veterinary medicine, were presented mostly by younger authors from Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain and Croatia.

The traditional sessions on latrogenic, Experimental and Environmental Pathology contained some interesting papers, especially on the protective effects of pentadekapeptide BPC 157.

In the Herman Jurak Round Table session on Rheumatologic Diseases, an interesting invited lecture on the neurologic complications in rheumatic diseases was presented by Professor W.G. Fassbender from Germany.

During the Symposium, a slide seminar on Uropathology was organized by Professor G. Mikuz from Austria and a course on urinary tract cytopathology organized by Dr. Helene G. Wiener, Vienna, Austria, was held on Saturday, 5 June.

At the end of the Symposium, a poster discussion and poster presentation award session was held.