[LECTURE] Invitation to a lecture by Professor James Froehlich, MD, PhD...

Published 09.10.2017.

[LECTURE] Ubiquitin, cell identity and tumorigenesis, from flies to humans –...

Published 10.05.2017.

Invitation to a lecture by University of Haifa Professors

Published 17.10.2016.

5th European School of Social Pediatrics “Child in the City”,...

Published 21.05.2016.

Web pages of Scientific Center of Excellence for Reproductive and Regenerative...

Published 14.02.2016.

Race “162 stairs” Saturday February 13th, 2016 – Starting at 12pm

Published 12.02.2016.

Wiley – Free trial access until April 2016

Published 12.02.2016.

Proclaimed Research Centre of Excellence of Fundamental Clinical and...

Published 03.01.2016.

University of Zagreb School of Medicine day and the 98th Anniversary

Published 03.01.2016.

Holiday social, all employees and retirees of the UZSM

Published 03.01.2016.