Health Care Center of the School of Medicine

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Published 16.03.2020.


Health Care Center of the School of Medicine (ZDMF) was established by decision of the Institution’s Council of 29 June 2010. The ZDMF Centre is a professional, educational and scientific centre of the Institu‐ tion where health service for the needs of Institution’s teaching in the following areas is carried out: family medicine, occupational medicine and sports medicine, school medicine, medical microbiology with parasit‐ ology, forensic medicine, medical genetics, laboratory medicine, diagnostics and storage of cells, tissues, organs and biological materials, various expert opinions, medical councils and expert analysis, public health, epidemiology, methods of imaging and functional studies of organs and organ systems and pathology and cytology. Consulting services include expert opinions on the health status, including the medical evaluation of the results and outcomes of a particular diagnostic or therapeutic procedure, recommendations of ex‐ aminations and interventions, opinions about the possible benefits and risks of performing or failure to perform the recommended examinations and interventions, opinions about the possible alternatives to recommended procedures, opinions about the recommended lifestyle and diet and tips on the health in‐ surance rights and procedures to exercise of these rights.


Center for Academic Medical Consultations was established with an aim to gather the most renowned medical representatives in medical consultation service – second opinion. Consultation services include professional opinion about health condition as follows: evaluation of results and outcomes of different diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, suggested procedures, expertise about risk assessment, alternative treatment plans, recommended life styles and nutrition plans, and legal consulting concerning health insur‐ ance.