Holiday social, all employees and retirees of the UZSM

Published 03.01.2016.

On Tuesday December 22nd, 2015 in a full Biology lecture hall, dean prof. Marijan Klarica, MD, PhD addressed all employees and retirees of the UZSM regarding the coming holidays and end of the calendar year.

The dean touched upon the status of UZSM’s unfortunate personnel and financial situation – the biggest problem is the lack of employees and teachers in a workplace capacity for the leading of requested programs on integrated medicine, graduate, doctoral and specialist postgraduate studies. Through active relations with the services of University of Zagreb, approval was given to employ 14 new staff as assistants/post doctorates and docent. We expect in the next few months to, in the same manner, add 30 to 40 young doctors and researchers to resolve the problem at clinics and preclinics.

Dekan Klarica - Druženje sa djelatnicima

                                                                                                    Dean prof. Marijan Klarica, MD, PhD

The dean was also happy to mention that our institution is the only in Croatia with two research centres of excellence: Research Centre of Excellence of Reproductive and Regenerative Medicine and Research Centre of Excellence of Fundamental Clinical and Translational Neuroscience. The dean also mentioned how the research productivity of the staff is at a high level, even with constant financial cuts for research at a national level. But the university will carry on performing at the level it always has, from its own resources to encourage and help the number of working research groups. The publications of teaching material and its quality is, as well, at an envious level which further shows the commitment and professionalism of our staff. Dean Klarica singled out handing the monography Croatian Sanitation during the Serbian-Montenegrin Aggression towards the Republic of Croatia 1990-1995 (author Andrija Hebrang) in which is clearly mentioned UZSM’s important role during the Homeland war. Namely, the employees of UZSM were part of all sections of Head Sanitation Staff for the Republic of Croatia and were contributing to its organization and functioning.

The dean did not fail to mention how work and relations with the students is intensive – for the first time this year the dean’s awards for the most successful students were handed out at a separate ceremony, not at UZSM day, due to the fact that there were 104 awards already being awarded (for success, research work and student activity). The students at UZSM are the most active in all aspects: work, research, sport and social, in which the UZSM encourages and helps.

At the end of the ceremony,the dean, for all those present and their families wished them a Merry Christmas, with much happiness, health and success in the New Year. Afterwards there was a special reception in the dean’s lobby, followed by a performance from the jazz group “The Greenhill Boys” under the direction of prof. Bruno Barsic, MD, PhD.

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