Proclaimed Research Centre of Excellence of Fundamental Clinical and Translational Neuroscience at UZSM

Published 03.01.2016.

The UZSM has another Research Centre of Excellence, of Fundamental Clinical and Translational Neuroscience, together with sister institutions Centre for Clinical Applications in Neuroscience, Policlinic Neuron, KBC Zagreb and Psychiatric Hospital Vrapce.

The ceremonially presented decision was made by the Minister of Science, Education and Sport prof. VedranMornar, PhD in the presence of the ministry on December 11th, 2015.

The director is prof. Milos Judas, MD, PhD who is also the director of the Croatian Institute for Brain Research (HIIM) at the UZSM. HIIM in the last 25 years was centred towards research for normal brain development and the posterior surface of the brain as well as the neurobiological causes of neurologic, cognitive and mental disorders. This centre promotes new research programs established by the national research centre for excellence (“HIIM” – Centre of Excellence of Fundamental Clinical and Translational Neuroscience”) in which HIIM is the epicentre for the integration and direction.Furthering innovation and translational accessibility for the early detection and treatment, as well patient rehabilitation for brain lesions. This program is under the fundamental and clinical research, but hypoxic-ischemic damage is a key theme which ties these different paths of research.

This is the second centre of excellence in which the UZSM is in charge of- from November 2014 the centre deals with reproductive and regenerative medicine.