Race “162 stairs” Saturday February 13th, 2016 – Starting at 12pm

Published 12.02.2016.

Dear associates, academic and non-academic of UZSM, we, the SportMEF organization, would like to say hello. We would also like to notify you that this year our organization, in association with other organizations from our university and from the directors of UZSM, have organized the traditional road race “162 Stairs”.

This tradition came from the idea to raise public awareness that an active lifestyle is one of the greatest tools to fight against cardiovascular disease, and other diseases. That is to say that the initiative to be active is one of the main ways to stay healthy. Already for some years, the goal of the race is to promote physical health hand in hand with mental health, the good atmosphere surrounding the event also helps. The route itself is a long 4500 metres (stretching over Mesic’s, Grskovic’s and Rockefeller’s streets), the idea was to incorporate two fundamental medical institutes, UZSM and the School for National Health “Andrija Stampar”. In the race are incorporated the 162 stairs, also known as the Schlosser Stairs, from which the race draws its name. The uneven terrain assures us that the race is good training for the seasoned runners, but as well that the lesser conditioned runners can walk the stairs, which is equally as healthy for anyone.

We wish that the race gains an educational character, that is why the cardiology student sections of UZSM will at the end of the race take blood pressure and glucose levels measurements, with its members giving suggestions for nutrition and physical activity. In addition, members of the orthopedic section will educate the runners about the benefits of running in an open and proper manner, as well as the different types of feet and so on.

It would be our honour and pleasure if you would by your attendance add to the event. On behalf of the entire organization, I hope that we see you at the start of the race, or at the very least join us for coffee and tea in conversation at Salata 3b, 13.2.2016. The race starts at 12:00.

Neven Obradović,
Vice-president “SportMEF” organization

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