Invitation to Lectures

[INVITED LECTURE] Prof. Matjaž Fležar – 14 November 2019

Published 12.11.2019.

[THREE LECTURES] Prof. William Carey, MD, Division of Neonatal Medicine,...

Published 19.09.2019.

[INVITED LECTURES] Prof. Branimir Šikić, MD

Published 17.06.2019.

[LECTURE] Associate proffesor Jonathan Murrow

Published 11.05.2018.

[LECTURE] Prof. Leonid Churilov, MD, PhD “Pathophysiology Teaching/Learning...

Published 14.12.2017.

[LECTURE] Prof. George Netto, MD, PhD “Molecular Diagnostics in Pathology”

Published 13.12.2017.

[LECTURE] Professor Igor Stagljar, PhD “Precision medicine in EGFR-mutated...

Published 07.12.2017.

[LECTURE] Invitation to a lecture by Professor James Froehlich, MD, PhD...

Published 09.10.2017.

[LECTURE] Ubiquitin, cell identity and tumorigenesis, from flies to humans –...

Published 10.05.2017.

[LECTURE] Prof Philipp Kobbe, MD, PhD “Evolution of fracture care: From...

Published 13.01.2017.