Sign up registry for the Voluntary Hematopoetic Stem Cell Foundation Ana Rukavina.

Published 08.04.2016.

On Monday April 11th, from 10-12h in the ambulance of UZSM (Salata 4- ground floor, left –CEPAMET) will be held the sign up registry for the Voluntary Hematopoietic Stem Cell Foundation. The initiative for the sign up, the members of the Independent Research Syndicate and Higher Education at the UZSM, which is the students of UZSM through the support of the administration with noble intentions to help patients in Croatia and in the world awaiting their matching donor.

All healthy citizens from 18-40 years of age can register. Process of registration requires filling out application forms, health questionnaires and giving a sample of blood for HLA typing which defines the histo-compatibility antigens. Registration in the registry is the first step which is necessary in helping patients from acute and chronic leukemia as well as patients with severely damaged bone marrows.

The message of each registration is the cure is in us. The foundation would like to remind all citizens that in us we carry the cure which can save lives. Until now the Ana Rukavina Foundation and Croatian Registry, which is a part of the world registry (Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide), has registered 50,988 potential donors of hematopoetic stem cells, and chance for life has 59 patients in Croatia and worldwide.

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding registration in the registry can be found on the Foundation Ana Rukavina’s web page

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