[CALL FOR DONATIONS] Together for University of Zagreb School of Medicine

Published 10.04.2020.

[DEAN’S] Announcement about the Current Situation at the University of Zagreb...

Published 03.04.2020.

[STUDENTS] Announcement on Working Schedule: Multidisciplinary Counseling...

Published 16.03.2020.

[COVID-19] Recommended procedures for the University of Zagreb for students...

Published 28.02.2020.

[INVITED LECTURE] Prof. Matjaž Fležar – 14 November 2019

Published 12.11.2019.

[SAVE THE DATE] Course “How to publish a research paper in major biomedical...

Published 22.10.2019.

[OSTEOproSPINE] First newsletter released

Published 04.10.2019.

[THREE LECTURES] Prof. William Carey, MD, Division of Neonatal Medicine,...

Published 19.09.2019.

[INVITED LECTURES] Prof. Branimir Šikić, MD

Published 17.06.2019.

[COURSE] How to publish a research paper in a major biomedical journal

Published 25.03.2019.