Metode istraživanja i vrednovanja zdravstvenih intervencija


Metode istraživanja i vrednovanja zdravstvenih intervencija




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prof. dr. sc. Stjepan Orešković, Voditelj predmeta

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Theories: Human capital theory. Determinants of health. Determinants of health outcomes. Three historical periods: Health structures measurement methods. Health processes management and follow up. Methods and indicators for measurement of health outcomes. Health Status Research: Methods of social impact measurements, self-perceived health status. Health condition and Health expectations. Health targets: indicators, instruments and methods. Methodological harmonisation.

Health process and outcomes research: Methods for measurement efficiency of health interventions. Comparative methods use and benchmarking: internal, external and process comparison Theoretical model relations between costs and outcomes. Measurements of processes, status, risks, unexpected effects and effects/standard of health interventions. Methods for measurement of health status and outcomes of population interventions: indicators, instruments and methods. Instruments for measurement health status and practical application: Social indicators for health intervention efficiency measurement (SAS); WHO/HFA; indicators, instruments and methodes General Health Questionarre-GHK; SF 36; EuroQol McMaster Health Utility Index; Socio Economic Classification (SEC); Examples of how systems work in practice: CDC/Healthy People 2010                                                                                        Methods and instruments for measurement efficiency and effects of health interventions: Determination priorities methods.. Methods of measurement effect connections, outcomes, efficiency and intervention costs: Unites and methods of measurment efficiency and usefulness, practises and calculations and computer simulations: Disability-Free Life Expectancy, Quality Adjusted Life Years, Disability Adjusted Life Years, Number Needed to Treat, Sickness Impact Profile.

Costs and efficiency analysis methods: Method of cost identification; Direct and Indirect costs; Cost-benefit analysis, Cost-effectiveness analysis; Cost-usefulness relation analysis; Cost-minimalization method. Modules, simulations and data basis for measurement efficiency and healt outcome prices: NICE Care, Cohranne Collaboration, York Health Economics Centre.


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Report of the Malawi Triangulation Project: Synthesis of Data on Trends in the National and Local HIV Epidemics and The Reach and Intensity of Prevention Efforts


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