Molekularna onkologija - znanja temeljena na novim tehnologijama


Molekularna onkologija - znanja temeljena na novim tehnologijama




Optional course

Execution of classes


Course performers

dr. sc. Koraljka Gall-Trošelj, Voditelj predmeta
dr. sc. Renata Novak-Kujundžić, Nastavnik

Studies on which it's performed


Competencies and learning outcomes

Gaining understanding (advantages, disadvantages, limits) of molecular methods/techniques implemented in the field of molecular oncology during 2010 -2015.


Cancer genetics and epigenetics; DNA methylation; genomic imprinting and multilevel roles of the CTCF protein; promoter polymorphism in relation to gene activity; histone modifications; chromatine immunoprecipitation; malignant cell transcriptome and application of the –omics methods in molecular oncology;  micro-RNA and their modeling; tools for searching the Gene Bank and other databases; cellular metabolism and carcinogenesis; seminars: analyses of research articles dealing with aspects of oncology (clinical and molecular) relevant for students. Written exam – test.


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Teaching forms

Lectures (10); seminars (4); practical work (3)

Examination procedure

Written exam - test .