The biggest research for quality of student life in Europe

Published 08.04.2016.

Dear students,

Croatia has started the research EUROSTUDENT VI on the quality of student life and economic conditions.  EUROSTUDENT is an international project ( which takes place in over 30 European countries and offers empirical data about the quality of student life in a national and European level. EUROSTUDENT VI is the third research in a row being done in Croatia. The research will take place between April 6th-30th 2016 via onlineforms on a representative sample of 36,000 students, who are currently enrolled in post-secondary education in Croatia.

Your participation is completely voluntary and the online forms can be found by:

1) links that will be sent to your email or

2) by authorization to the research webpage: All information regarding the research can be found on the Facebook page:

The previous results of EUROSTUDENT served the developement and furthering of public policies in higher education, as it did in the making of Educational Strategies, Knowledge and Technology in the Republic of Croatia and in the founding of the National Groups for Furthering Social dimensions of Higher Education at the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. EUROSTUDENT VI in Croatia is conducted by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport in partnership with the University Computing Centre (SRCE) and the University of Zagreb School of Law.

We invite you that through your participation in this research, you contribute to the bettering of public policies which will ensure more accessibility to higher education and further the quality of student life within the needs of the student population.

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