December 17th, 2015 marked the 98th anniversary of the UZSM with a formal meeting of the university council in the Miroslav Cackovic Lecture Hall.

Dean prof.Marijan Klarica, MD, PhD in the opening address touched upon the 98 years of educating, in more or less hard times. UZSM, together with its associates always accomplished its goals in the highest standards to better the lives and health of Croatian citizens. This was in part due to our Croatian medical institution, which by our many parameters was and is above average successful and an internationally recognized part of Croatian science and general creativity.

The dean also commented on the number of problems and obstacles with which UZSM deals with (material and human nature), however the university perseveres and reaches its goals, and that in the highest manner. Currently we have lectures for 49 postgraduate specialties and subspecialty programs and 6 programs without specialties. UZSM has above average productivity and excellence in research in the university and Republic of Croatia; 2 Research Centres of Excellence, the Research Centre of Excellence of Reproductive and Regenerative Medicine (directors are prof. Davor Jezek, MD, PhD and academician Slobodan Vukicevic, MD, PhD) and  Research Centre for Excellence of Fundamental Clinical and Translational Neuroscience (director prof. Milos Judas, MD, PhD).

In the past year, there have been 76 successfully defended doctorates at the UZSM. Currently, we have 15 international projects, 5 of which are part of the HORIZON 2020 program, and 2 projects in FP7. On a national level (HRZZ) we have 14 active projects, and 8 which are awaiting funding. Along with these, there are more than 60 projects which are funded through the University of Zagreb.

We have a variety of student associations: magazines Medicinar and Gyrus, different student sections, dance groups, choir, CROSS, EMSA, SPORTMEF, Humanijada as well as organization of national and international student conferences and other activities. At UZSM we have 700.000,00 kuna allocated towards student events from our own funds.

On 17th December 2017 we will be celebrating our 100th anniversary, the new Management Board with the committee for fostering traditions already started important preparations which we will have more information about soon.

After the dean’s speech, the formal meeting was addressed by the rector of the University of Zagreb prof. Damir Boras, PhD along with the vice-rector for students, studies and quality maintenance prof. Ivana Cukovic-Bagic, PhD vice-rector for spatial development and quality control system prof. Mirjana Hruskar, PhD, and vice-rector for interinstitutional and international research relations prof. Milos Judas, MD, PhD.

Representing Croatian Parliament introductory speech was given by Vice-President academician Zeljko Reiner, MD, PhD and representing the Ministry of Health in the RH was deputy minister prim. Marijan Cesarik, MD.

The “Medicine” award is traditionally awarded for efforts in humanitarianism and ethics in honour of medicine, homeland, and humanity. After explanation by academician Marko Pecina, Md, PhD dean Klarica handed the representatives of the Blood Donors Association awards for the academic year 2014/15.

The international relations award was given to Bart H. Bijnens, PhD, and for research productivity while working on their dissertation,the deans awards and praise was given to  Ivica Matak, MD, PhD and Neven Papic, MD, PhD.

A thank you and acknowledgement for all their dedication to the UZSM was given to employees who retired this academic year, the address was made by prof. GordanaPavlekovic, MD, PhD.

The formal meeting was also attended by mr. Trpimir Goluza, MD, president of the Croatian Medical Chambers, former deans: academician Davor Milicic, MD, PhD, prof. Nada Cikes, MD, PhD, academician Ivica Kostovic, MD, PhD and a number of guests- members of other faculties, universities, institutions, employees, students and friends of the UZSM.

The student choir “Lege artis” were present and brightened up the event with their singing, photos from the meeting thanks to the Studmef team can be seen here.