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29. 11. 2016.

How to Break 260 on USMLE 1

Few months ago, after completing Pathophysiology course, Jason Kirincich had approached me to help him with several questions, while he was preparing to take USMLE step 1. I was very happy when he told me that he scored 265 several days ago. Although I was confident that he would do well on the exam, I did not expect such an outstanding result in one of the most competitive and comprehensive tests at all.

Jason had distinguished himself during the course of Pathophysiology by showing a high degree of critical thinking and understanding of mechanisms of the disease, which is necessary for successful integration of preclinical courses and setting the foundation for clinical work. I have a reason to believe that the Pathophysiology course was particularly helpful in preparation for such comprehensive examination like USMLE step 1. Being focused on understanding mechanisms of the disease, Pathophysiology unifies student’s knowledge gained at various courses, such as Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, and so on. Following a successful completion of the Pathophysiology course, the student is provided with a vertical and horizontal integration of his preclinical and clinical knowledge gained in the first three years of the medical education.

We should be proud and happy for Jason altogether, as this is the best feedback information that we teachers and the School in general are doing a good job in education of our medical students. Jason’s achievement is truly a great one! It should be a positive example and motivation for other students to persevere in their studies, as the hard work and persistence will sooner or later be rewarded. I am sure that Jason is on the right path and wish him all the best in his future education and career.

Doc. dr. Filip Sedlić, dr. med.

How to Break 260 on USMLE 1 by Jason Kirincich