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29th Ljudevit Jurak International Symposium on Comparative Pathology, June 7-8,2024, Zagreb

The Organizing Committee cordially invites you to Zagreb to take part in the 29th Ljudevit Jurak International Symposium on Comparative Pathology. This symposium encourages international collaboration and involves a wide array of professionals within the field of pathology.

In the era of molecular medicine and new developing techniques communication between clinicians and pathologists, as well as integration and interpretation of the pathology report is crucial. So, this year’s topic is dedicated to the importance of sharing information, which is needed to provide modern care for our patients.

Traditionally, what separates and defines this symposium is collaboration with veterinary pathologists and the comparison of pathologic changes in human and veterinary medicine. With this symposium, we honour Professor Ljudevit Jurak, who founded the first pathology department in Croatia, in Sestre milosrdnice University Hospital Center. Professor Ljudevit Jurak contributed greatly to veterinary
and human pathology as well as forensic medicine, and represents a historical and eminent figure in the field of pathology both in Croatia and worldwide.

More about the Symposium: 29th LJUDEVIT JURAK International Symposium on Comparative Pathology - Contres d.o.o.

Symposium programme