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Academic Integrity Committee

The School of Medicine firmly believes that advances in the scientific understanding of human health and disease bring clear gain and benefit to all of humanity. This progress is based on honest conduct of scientific research, truthful and accurate presentation of research findings, and critical and responsible interpretation of these findings.

The School of Medicine is aware of the fact that occasional involuntary mistakes and individual differences in the interpretation of research findings are a natural and integral part of the creative process in science. However, the School of Medicine clearly points out that all forms of fraud in research and scientific misconduct are unacceptable, especially copying (plagiarism), fabrication and falsification of research results. Such actions directly threaten the credibility and success and social reputation of science.

By the very act of joining our academic community, all scientists, teachers, associates and students of the School of Medicine have assumed the obligation to maintain the highest level of moral integrity and ethics, as well as scientific and professional integrity in all their activities.

The School fully accepts the usual world practice, according to which the first and main place of investigation and resolution of every possible case of fraud in research and scientific misconduct is the institution and/or organizational unit of the institution where the relevant scientific research is conducted. Therefore, the School of Medicine has taken on the obligation to draw up clear and detailed instructions for all members of our academic community on proper and honourable behaviour in research, as well as rules for dealing with accusations of scientific misconduct and fraud in research. The School of Medicine invites all academic citizens to continuously apply and permanently improve these instructions and rules.

Considering the fact that teaching at our institution (as well as at other world universities) is based on modern science, one evidence-based medicine, the mentioned rules are applied in the same way to primary scientific publications and to all other professional publications of all institutional members, and especially to books, teaching texts, as well as student seminars, exam essays, and professional and scientific research.

Policy on Academic Integrity
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