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Central Medical Library

The Central Medical Library (CML) is situated within the main building of the University of Zagreb School of Medicine, with two additional locations at the University Hospital Centre Zagreb.

The primary location of CML includes a student department with reading rooms and an extensive collection of textbooks and handbooks. It also houses a wide array of Croatian and international medical journals, along with a collection of monographs and reference materials. Additionally, you can find publications authored by Croatian scientists and a comprehensive collection of doctoral and master's theses granted by the UZSM. Furthermore, the branch libraries at the University Hospital Centre Zagreb provide international journals and books that encompass all clinical disciplines.


Central Medical Library

University Hospital Centre Medical Library

  • Location: Kišpatićeva 12 (Education Centre West)
  • Telephone: +385 1 2342 255, +385 1 2342 257, +385 1 2342 259,
  • Opening hours:
    • Monday - Friday: 8:30 - 15:30

Library is closed on weekends and public holidays

Library staff

Central Medical Library

Asst. Prof. Lea Škorić, PhD

Library Advisor

Head of CML

+385 1 4566 936

Kristina Berketa

Library Assistant

Interlibrary Loan (Rapid ILL, Subito), DrMed Repository

+385 1 4566 744

Iva Čizmin


Subject Cataloging and Classification

+385 1 4566 745

Mirjana Lisac

Librarian Assistant

Student department

+385 1 4566 744

Ivana Majer


Subject Cataloging and Classification

+385 1 4566 937

Helena Markulin, MD, PhD

Library Advisor

Cataloging, Subject and Systematic Search

+385 1 4566 938

Tomislav Matić

Information, Journals

+385 1 4566 745

Marijan Šember, MSc

Library Advisor

Journals, Indexing, Bibliometrics

+385 1 4566 743

Dina Vrkić

Senior Librarian

Bibliometrics, Indexing, Subject and Systematic Search

+385 1 4566 918

University Hospital Centre Medical Library

Sofija Herceg

Librarian Assistant


+385 1 2342-255
+385 1 2342-259

Stjepan Horvat



+385 1 2342 257

Martina Žužak Kolačko


Bibliometrics, Subject Search

+385 1 2342 257


All students enrolled at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine and the 1st- and 2nd-year students of the Universtity of Zagreb School of Dental Medicine are invited to become members of the Central Medical Library

Library membership is activated by registering in the Library database, at the main at reference desk (Šalata 3). Upon registering, Librarian will ask you for your address, e-mail ( and telephone number.

You can use your student identification card (X-ica) as your Library card.


Students can borrow books from the Library by presenting their Student ID card.
Search our library catalogue for textbook(s) you are looking for. We recommend searching by “Riječi iz naslova”. Click on the title you want, and under “Lokacija” (Location) click on „Studentska zbirka“ to see if there are any items available for loan.

Loan periods (CML – student books):
1-day loan – books with red sticker („za rad u čitaonici“), must be returned to the reference desk before the library's closing time
14-day loan – books with yellow label („posudba na 14 dana“)
30-day loan – all other books that do not have a red or yellow sticker on the spine or the back cover of the book
Loan periods (University Hospital Centre Medical Library):
1-Day loan – all books in the University Hospital Centre Medical Library should be returned before library's closing time
Students can borrow up to: 3 books (1-day loan), 3 books (14-day loan), 3 books (30-day loan)


Students can reserve a book that is available in the Library for a 14- or 30-day loan and collect them later at the reference desk.
Send an email to with the title, edition or year of publication of the book you want to borrow, and your name and JMBAG.
You will be notified by e-mail when your book is available for pickup, you should pick up the reserved book(s) within 3 days from the notification.


The Library sends a courtesy notice to your e-mail address a couple of days before your book is due.
You can renew items by:
- using the online library catalogue*
- sending an e-mail to

You can request for a renewal no later than the last day of the loan period.

The loan period can be renewed up to two times.

*On the catalogue page you can log in to your personal profile, using your JMBAG as username and password. When you're logged in, click on „Moja iskaznica“ in the upper right corner.


If you have an overdue book, you will be restricted from renewing or borrowing other books in all School's libraries (CML, CDLR, SPH) until the book has been returned.
If you return book later, you will be restricted from borrowing or renewing any other book in the Library for the number of days the book was overdue.

Before obtaining their diploma, students are obligated to return all the books to the Library.


Kako citirati? Pomoć prilikom navođenja literature: Upute za navođenje literature korištene u pisanju diplomskih, završnih specijalističkih i doktorskih radova na Medicinskom fakultetu Sveučilišta u Zagrebu (Handbook for Referencing, CML, 2023)

For information on the bibliometric service (indexing and citation analysis), please contact us via the e-mail address or by telephone +385 1 4566 918

When requesting certificates for bibliometric analysis, please attach the list of your published papers and specify the purpose of the certificate.

Pursuant to the Decision of the School of Medicine Executive Board (Class: 003-08/22-04/1, Ref. No.: 380-59-10101-22-1074) all employees with research and teaching positions are obligated to input all their published papers into the Croatian Scientific Bibliography - CROSBI.

Our resources

  • For plagiarism checks of various publications the UZSM staff may use the PlagScan software. The licence enables an unlimited number of checks, user manual is available here.

Access to resources in 2023:


Journals and full text databases:

For detailed information about the databases, please refer to the alphabetical overview on the Portal elektroničkih izvora za akademsku i znanstvenu zajednicu (, and for Clinical Key, visit the CML website.

You can access articles included in these collections directly at the publisher's websites or use the links to the full text from the PubMed database.

Remote access outside the institution's IP network can be achieved by using the proxy server on the e-resources portal. You can login using AAI@EduHr user credentials. Additionally, for certain databases, you can access them by creating your own user account, for which we recommend using the address.

For any questions or difficulties regarding access, please contact

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