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The management bodies of the School are the Dean and the Faculty Council.

The expert bodies of the Dean and the Faculty Council are the Management Board, the Study Year Council, the Course Council, the Board for Selection of Teachers, Scientists and Associates, the Board for PhD Theses and Scientific Degrees.


The Dean manages the School, represents the School, is its leader and director.

The Dean presides over the Faculty Council and ensures that decisions and conclusions of all bodies of the School are implemented.

Management Board

The Management Board is an expert body consisting of Vice-deans, Assistant Deans, Directors of branches, Secretaries of the School.

The Dean shall prepare, convene, and conduct the meetings of the Management Board at least once a week.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is an expert council composed of elected representatives of professors, associate professors and assistant professors, representatives of teachers elected to adjunct and associate position, and representatives of students.

Boards and committees

The Faculty Council for the study and preparation of individual issues, as well as for the performance of other tasks within its scope, may establish permanent and temporary boards and committees.

The composition, method of establishment, scope and competence of expert and advisory bodies shall be governed by special regulations.

Heads of departments and their deputies

List of heads and their deputies of the School of Medicine departments.

Secretary General

The School administration is governed by the Head Secretary as the executive body of the Dean, Faculty Council, Management Board, and other expert bodies of the School. The Secretary General resolves first-instance administrative matters.