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Šalata 3, 10000 Zagreb

+385 1 290 32 55

Head of Department

Deputy Head of Department

prof. dr. sc. Vinko Vidjak

Department Secretary

izv. prof. dr. sc. Gordana Ivanac

Mandatory courses (Integrated undergraduate and graduate studies of medicine)

  • Radiology, in Croatian
  • Radiology, in English

Elective courses (Integrated undergraduate and graduate studies of medicine)

  • Basic ultrasound diagnostics
  • Interventional radiology of hepatobilliary system
Postgraduate studies
  • Postgraduate specialist study Clinical Radiology

Scientific research projects

Horizon 2020 RADIOVAL – International Clinical Validation of Radiomics Artificial Intelligence for Breast Cancer Treatment Planning – MEF is part of consortium, Prof. B. Brkljačić, MD, PhD, Prof. G. Ivanac, MD, PhD, E. Divjak, PhD

EU-JUST-CT European co-ordinated action on improving justification of computed tomography EC ENER/21/NUCL/SI2.844392; Principal investigator: Prof. B. Brkljačić, MD, PhD,

EU-REST Service contract for analysis on workforce availability, education and training needs for the quality and safety of medical applications involving ionizing radiation in the EU HADEA 2022/OP/0003; Principal investigator: Prof. B. Brkljačić, MD, PhD

I-VIOLIN Implementing verifiable oncologic imaging by quality assurance and optimization EU4H-2021-PJ grant 101056832, part of consortium; Prof. B. Brkljačić, MD, PhD, I.Kralik

MEDIRAD – Implications of medical radiation low dose exposure – a European, multi-disciplinary project to enhance the scientific basis and practice of radiation protection in medical field – Prof. Jelena Popić, MD, PhD

IAEA project: Applying Best Practices for Quality and Safety in Diagnostic Radiology Regional Europe Division, RER 2016007, RER 6038 – Prof. Jelena Popić

IAEA project: Dose management and optimization of interventional procedures in Croatia CRI2018002 – Prof. Jelena Popić

Croatian Science Foundation: Biomedical imaging of breast cancer, ; Principal investigator: Prof. Maja Prutki, MD, PhD

Teaching staff and teaching associates

prof. dr. sc. Boris Brkljačić

prof. dr. sc. Zoran Brnić

doc. dr. sc. Maja Hrabak Paar

izv. prof. dr. sc. Gordana Ivanac

dr. sc. Luka Novosel

doc. dr. sc. David Ozretić

doc. dr. sc. Goran Pavliša

izv. prof. dr. sc. Jelena Popić

izv. prof. dr. sc. Maja Prutki

prof. dr. sc. Marko Radoš

prof. dr. sc. Ivica Sjekavica

prof. dr. sc. Vinko Vidjak

doc. dr. sc. Ana Marija Alduk

dr. sc. Josip Ćurić

dr. sc. Eugen Divjak

doc. dr. sc. Ana Hrkać Pustahija

dr. sc. Marko Kralik

dr. sc. Dragica Obad Kovačević

doc. dr. sc. Dražen Perkov

dr. sc. Marko Petrovečki

dr. sc. Niko Radović

doc. dr. sc. Goran Roić

dr. sc. Helga Sertić Milić

dr. sc. Tomislav Krpan, dr. med.,

Expert and technical staff

Iva Semren